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    Digital Journalist

    raised in New York

    made in D.C.

    ready to take on the world

  • About Me

    I am a full-time student with an academic focus on digital/multimedia journalism and graphic design. I have a passion for storytelling and creating.


    I was elected co-director of the student media organizations. I oversee things such as budget, collaborations, events, and more.


    I am the Co-Editor-In-Chief of the Blackprint, a publication for students of color. I am also a Logistics Producer for a show on American University's TV station. I specialize in writing, video production and graphic design, as well as photography.


    My personal motto is "hustle and heart" because I am all about hard work that I can put my passion behind.


    Author Page //  Design Portfolio // LinkedIn

  • Education 

    American University (AU)

    Bachelor's Degree (B.A.) 2016-2019

    Journalism, Graphic Design

  • Published Articles

    A selection of writing samples

    More Colleges Go Test-Optional; Google Launches College Search Tool

    NPR Education

    Weekly Roundup

    D.C. Counter Resistance:

    What We Know So Far

    The Blackprint

    Investigative piece

    Millennials: the dark knights of industry

    Nyota Magazine

    Opinion Piece

  • Videography

    Production and Editing samples

    The First Generation Perspective

    Interview series

    Artist Spotlight - FLETCHER

    Exclusive Interview

    WASTED - Game Show

    Class Project

    organized talent, edited, and created graphics

  • Broadcast Experience

    ATV production member

    ATV - College Nation

    Feb 16 2018

    Hosted, research facts, set up & clean up

    ATV News Broadcast

    October 28th 2017

    Researched and wrote scripts

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